Reviews for "Alpha & Flamey's Moment"

Saw the most recent TOME and was pleasantly surprised to see you in the credits. Welcome to Newgrounds!

Taking the context into consideration, this piece is very different from your usual work. It's nice to see you experimenting. The flow is enjoyable, so well done and keep it up!

I haven't even seen episode 7 yet and I'm already getting the feels, beautiful music!

Great as always!

So you are on Newground now, huh?

Are you planning on doing more projects with TOME or other people around here?

TheLivingTombstone responds:

I sure hope so, doing collaborations with projects is hella fun, and NG is full of talented people :), so yeah!

Dude YES! You finally made it, I never thought you would, but you did. Huge fan by the way, your work is amazing and I hope to hear more of it soon. Welcome to Newgrounds sir.

This is great, it adds so much feeling to the scene, love it!