Reviews for "Gameoverse 3"

to Meganet...

um...Egoraptor does the Egoraptor voices. Kay?



This series is cool

It's nicely animated and the character's voices are designed to be annoying ^.^
Who does egoraptor voices though?

YOHOHOHOH your flashes made me feel "warn" inside,

......or should i say "worm"? yohohoh

the 1 and 2 flashes was not THAT funny, i though that maybe was because you was nervous and did not feel confident enough to risk, but in the beggining of 3 you convinced me..wel if i was focused in being convinced while i was actually laughtin

ps: scaaary, i think i saw a 2 in the end o_o


I loved this season finale! It's beyond funny!