Reviews for "Gameoverse 3"

The strange thing is...

This has been on youtube for ages.
Anyway, I quite enjoy this one.


Well done in every technical aspect, just not particularly funny. I'm not sure who wrote it, but either try something that's not so annoying, stale and overdone...or get someone else to do it. Good luck with your future things, and stuff.

Yeah it's still okay!

This one wasn't funny in particural(except "I almost got hit by a tree"),but everything else is great Sound Quality,Voice Acting,Animation,Background...done by the professionals I presume!


First id question why kieroneus's comment was voted useless hes entitled to his opinion and because the majority is either a suck up fan or just liked it he was voted down? Reguardless i have to agree with him not the best i've seen the only part that had me snicker was they dolphins casual "I almost got hit by a tree" mainly cause his voice ammused me but good animation, sound qualiry, and voice so you deserve some credit. Good job i will continue to watch this series reguardless of my thoughts and if my opinion hasn't changed i won't comment due to the ammount of annoyance that could be in having a streak of tens ruined by a comment like this.

You can call me... Kickflip McGally!

Twist-tacular! Anyways, AMAZING series guys, the simplicity of the art of the art style really works with this series as well as Egoraptor's AMAZING voice acting skills everything that you've done throughout has made me laugh so hard I even heard my organs laughing :P please don't let this be the final episode for this is good in material to simply stop now, although I get the feeling this won't be I just wanted to let you know :) P.S. You guys ROCK!