Reviews for "Gameoverse 3"


That was FUN-EE! Make the fifth one. Ive been looking at your website checking for new ones.

"Excuse me kind sirs..." ^^

This T-Rex is hilarious. Nice stuff, funny voices, wacky dialogs. Don't know why, but I love the menu. I hope to see more of this random, but entertaining universe. Thanks for the laugh guys!

Pretty good

I thought that the randomness of your story could've used some more plot. You know what I mean? Just something solid as to know that you're not losing your mind when you're watching this. The dolphin could have used some more fleshing out because the story really doesn't tell where he's from, unlike Learnasaurous, who is returned to a land that he came from.
Nice job on the characters personalities though. They fit pretty well with the voices and expressions that they were given. The music was a pretty nice selection in my own opinion. The twist at the very end of this episode was very, let's say interesting. Didn't expect that there would be TWO of these little evil numbers consorting with each other about how they like to cause madness.

The only othe rcomplaint that I have is that the blood splashing onto the dinos face was a bit much. Again, it's my own opinion that I give to you. Thank you!



all the three episodes were spectacular, this one was the funniest though

Lol I Guess The Series Is Pointless

Though it was very funny