Reviews for "Info Placeholder"


No lag for me at all, literaly th only complaint i have is that youve to click the button to send a message rather than pressing enter..and thats a shit complaint xD

iamgrimreaper responds:

That's awesome. But, too bad I ripped the project into little bits and pieces.

um okay

it was good but it was really laggy and i like mr moneys chat better

iamgrimreaper responds:

:| You're just copying what everyone else said. There's no lag, and I'm sure of it.

It's good...

But the lag needs to be fixed. 8/10

laggy as fuck.

its pretty good but you really need to fix that mega fucking lag at the beggining because it takes forever for it to load and i never was able to try it out.

its makes me wonder how come you can make something like this with a few bugs in 1 day yet NG chat has been delayed FOR 5 FUCKING YEARS, if you were to upgrade this and work on it for a week it would really be perfect. psychogoldfish must be one lazy bastard to put it off for 5 years...

its ok

apart from a small delay its ok and sorry for my double post it lagged and i through it didnt go through other then my mistake i like it