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Reviews for "Abandoned 2"

good game

gave me some chills, it was hard to find some things, i had to us the walk through, good game

selfdefiant responds:

Glad you liked it!

to creepy...

its to creepy that i dont want to play it, but if i wasnt it would propbably be a really good game so i give it a 9!

selfdefiant responds:

It isn't really that creepy.. I don't think ;)

cool game


Spooky, but could use some fine tuning

Pretty creepy. Even with the walkthrough, i think your green tile puzzle stands in my mind as one of the worst puzzle elements i've ever played. I gave up, found five and my finger was tired of clicking trying to find the darned last tile.

Also navigating the house didn't make any sense, i found myself outside for no reason and suddenly i couldn't go back to where i was. Overall navigation was just very confusing.

Great job making a spooky game, but that darned tile puzzle totally turned me off!

Graphics is okay although not pleasing. It's hard to navigate around without a map. I should have created a route map on a piece of paper like I did for the first episode.

Thanks to the walk through, I couldn't find the last wooden peg which is on top of the main door. Pff... Then, I kind of lost my way and did't find the door to use the first old key. After I got a silver key for the security panel, things went smooth because puzzles are easy to solve.