Reviews for "St. Pattack"


This is really addictive! I played for like 2 hours... I think
I just dont get why you have to fight leprechauns when it's the snakes that are the problem?

For some odd reason... I made me want to go play Fable 2

it was cool

i liked it if any one wants to see me play song of storms, toccata and fugue, lost woods, or mortal kombat on piano go to youtube and type in the search bar loganhaddix69


i can`t belived i beating it!

hilarious and awesome!

loved the concept and story line, made laugh a lot! The game play is also great and quite difficult during some moments, but the easy controls helped get out of these situations. Plus its pretty addicting with the medals and hard mode :)

But the animation and voice-acting are the best parts. The graphics are amazing and flow really smoothly throughout the game, but it sometimes lagged during the special attack action :/ And the voices were really funny for the leprechauns!
Overall: 10/10 5/5 nice work!

Good game.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!