Reviews for "St. Pattack"

its good

but to many bugs

good but....

too many bugs. I keep getting stuck and I'm not able to move. How ever the game is fun.

Good Game

Here's a bug, please fix it:
If you take a 'last hit' and are fallin to death, then land on something that would recharge your HP, you get the HP but you keep dead on the ground, and the cloud don't ressurect you...
This happen to me 5 times ¬¬"

Any way... Funny game ^^


it didnt load for me it was just a white screen but im giving you a 10 anyways

Alright here we go

As most people would, I found it quite entertaining at first to destroy little leprechauns but after a while the game seems to grow dull. I loved listening to the music and all of the are was fantastic but I felt this needed a lille more spicing up( if you know what I mean)

Overall the game was a fun experience so my final score is 7/10