Reviews for "St. Pattack"

Great Game!

made me laugh while playing too!
but i can't resit not hitting the sheep, i just have to. haha.
and whatever glitch everyone is talking about did not happen to me.
so it runs completely smooth. might just be something with everyone else's browsers, so don't worry too much.


The 2nd boss glitch on me right as i killed him soo i dont think ill be playing this again

glitched out D:

It glitched out on me during the 2nd boss fight... making it unable to continue, but from what I played its a decent game, except for the fact that NOT hitting the sheep is almost impossible... keeping all 4 lives is more doable,but the sheep are always in the way...

Fun game but nothing special

I liked it but it has been done before

And fore ppl having a hard time with the druid. Use the rocks he throws at you

it's good and simple, but a bit hard at first

it was a great game overall, really fun, but at first the bosses are kind of hard because there's really no explanation of what they do. I just tried attacking the druid the first time and I lost 3 lives because It was hard to get. the second boss was easier, more of a castle crashers-esc boss, but still hard not to get repeatedly grabbed the first time trying him. otherwise fun game