Reviews for "St. Pattack"

Bug - without it would be ok

I beat Psych O' Brian but it just stands there tumbling without health and I can't go further.Overall good gameplay but so it sucks

Here are some tips...

Do the sheep-saving thing on easy, nuff` said. If you didn't got the medal you screwed somewhere on the way. Beer kills sheep so beware where you use it!

On hard and shit look for the higher ground and always be on the move - use beer and remember to duck when things get real shit. Your only true danger are the gay faggots that trow the clovers, so kill them first and if too many - go for the higher grounds! Couse they are gay and couse they like ass, they often prefer attacking you from behind so lure them with yo ass whilst you up and air combo their shit to hell!

Boss tips :

For druid is best if you kept your beer - just beer spam him and deflect a few rocks, easy shit.

For the gay mutant, things get real - always be on a ledge BEFORE he hits you! This way you get 90% chance of no-get-hit and more room for movement. He'll try the gay-reach-manover but if you are manly enough you'll avoid it most of the time. with a manly jump! When he stomps his gay ass after he tried to reach you, and brikx are being shat, be sure to be UNDER a ledge! This way you don't rely on pure luck to no-get-hit, oh no - this way you laugh at no-get-hit couse you can see when brick-being-shat izzabout to stomp-onnyo-head. Go up, think about having a room to escape before hitting his gay faic and repeat thill God is so proud of you he starts to cum coins, lol! Oh, snakes cant do shit to yo, so you can mind them not.

I love this gaem, i really do <3


this game saddens me cuz i only beat the big bad guy once

Good game

Like the intro X)

LOVE it.

love the animation, the level of difficulty, the nuances, the story, the whole thing.
i just seriously wish it had more levels... i wanted to keep playing :(