Reviews for "St. Pattack"


it was too easy..... inorder to beat druid u have to have ur specials...
if u miss ur specials u will lose ..

Phantasmagor responds:

No you hit the rocks back at him that he throws at you. You don't need the specials... That would be dumb if you needed the special to win haha

graphics r good but...

game was 2 hard i died befor i got to druid

Hilarious and fun!

....even though I suck and I can't get past the druid!!!!

wow, that's freaking gay, the game won't even play

on my computer
well, since i can't play, have a constellation prize of 8/10

It was okay

It was a very humorious game, but I thought it got quite boring after I got a bit further into it. I wish that there were more combo options, and I was quite unimpressed when I got to later stages only to be fighting the same enimies from the begining of the game, and I can't exactly give you superb praise on the animation.

Nevertheless, it was fun, and I really loled the entire time I was playing.

It had a few problems, but ulitmately, I found it to be quite entertaining, and I definately appreciated the humor. 7/10