Reviews for "St. Pattack"

Only downside is that it is too easy on easy, and a bit less easy on hard. Now, to wait St Patricks day for that last medal.

(Yes, I know I can change my calendar to get it, but whats the point?)

Pretty sure by "Snakes" they actually meant Pagans.

Very funny game, with a nice and original theme, very good animations and sounds. Simple yet very fun gameplay.

To give five stars I however feel it should have three levels. Two levels where somewhat short.

The Life Saver badge doesn't seem to work in easy difficulty. I have yet to test if it works in hard difficulty where it is not easy to achieve. However if it works in hard difficulty only it should give more points then the Master badge.

1.Kill sheep - they give stew which restores a lot of Health (not if you want to get no sheep hitter badge, which should be done at easy, it is very hard to survive in hard without stew.)
2.When dealing with melee guys only just keep them on one side and don't get surrounded. When dealing with ranged guys, jump to higher ground and kick down anyone who jumps on the same level as you.
3.Collect gold after you have defeated a wave of enemeies because picking up last piece can often trigger next enemy wave.
4. To defeat Druid without loss of Clover leaf have a sheep critically wounded in the fight area before you pick up the last gold piece that unlocks Druid and have some beer. Each time Druid reaches your side of screen you will suffer unavoidable damage so kill him befoe your Health runs out using beer and deflecting his rocks, drink stew from the wounded sheep.
5. To defeat second stage of Psych O'Brian, only hit him when he is stunned by bricks falling due to his own stomp attack. Always be as low as possible when he stomps to avoid bricks youself. When he is not stomping or stunned use castle window ledges to jump over him and do not attack.

Wtf the druid o.O

are you guys from ireland