Reviews for "Neon Rider"

Best Game Evar!

I love playing it in the dark with the sound booming ant the lights on the site dimmed.


F'ing awsome game but not as good as others


great game it's cool that you race against time and you can do tricks to reduce time and you can Switch colors. Awesome just Awesome!

Neon Rider

Great game, I found it through Stumble Upon but I had an account on here anyway. I like it, it sort of reminds me of Tron. My only complaint is that when you reach the end of the level, it would be easier if there was a next level button instead of having to select the next level.

Plus there's a bug on Over the Edge when I'm turning red but it won't let me tough the red line. Otherwise, great game!


this r crazy yum yum tron i like game 8 thumbs up, thanks octopussy