Reviews for "Neon Rider"

Love it but...

Why not have levels to were you go at stupid fast speeds? The rave feel really should carry into the gameplay. Great idea. Good game. Better sequel?

Pacing Issues

It seems like you hit upon a good idea, but didn't really run with it. I loved the idea of blowing through barriers and switching it up to use them to your advantage. The controls were very intuitive, as well. The graphics were cool, giving it a Tron-like feel to it.

The music was decent and followed the "fast paced" intent of the game, but quickly became repetitive. I had to mute it about halfway through. Without the music, the game seemed much slower. Also, the sound effects were lacking while driving. I expected to hear revving or collision sounds, but it didn't happen. Only the menu still had sound. Maybe the music could play continuously instead of stopping at the level select. More songs would be a plus, too.

What also slowed the game down was the long load times of each level. Each level should flow into the next, with a pause to show any necessary instructions. Taking the player out of the action is jarring and ruins the atmosphere.

The bonuses seemed tacked onto the game. They didn't really affect gameplay. Perhaps if they gave speed boosts or something.

Also, Neon Rider is a but bare-bones. I agree with some of the other reviewers. There should be a high scores list or some other mechanism for driving replays and competition. Another great addition would be a level editor. Even just for your own amusement, but sharable tracks would be even better.

Finally, it seemed like the whole game was a tutorial or training mode. If the last level was the final test, it was way too short. Or maybe there could have been more tests. And then once the last level was completed, there was no reward or recognition.

It just seems like an unfinished game or proof of concept. There's a ton of potential here. I would love to play a version that was updated or redesigned.

really nice game

but there should be a level editor and maybe space bar could shot lasers to kill the bad guys in front of me? i don't know...make a new one but next time pick more than one song please it is cool but it got old

Nice game

This is on Facebook just so u know.


This is really good, but why does it seem so half-done? i finished all the levels and nothing really happened.. shouldn't there be some more unlockable levels when you get good times etc? compare times with others? an infinate level? level editor?? many opportunities here :)