Reviews for "Neon Rider"

had fun to many ways to go

it is to simple to complete

It was good.

It was definitely fun, but there is one thing that upset me the most. The fact that sometimes when you attempt to change your bike color it doesn't work and will stay one color, no matter what color you change it. I'm not sure if I was the only one who had that issue, but it sure was annoying.

Other than that, it's a superb game overall.

Fun, but has its setbacks

I did enjoy playing this game, but that was just at the beginning. This game seems rather slow paced, with stopping you after ever level just to pick the next one. This wouldn't have been a problem if the levels were long enough to warrant a pause after every level. There should have been a choice to jump to next level, or like instead of space bar restarting the level, it went to next level. Along with the slow pace, the game did get boring after a little it of time. It feels like there isn't enough versatility in the game. Sure, the color change thing is great, i enjoyed it, but after 10 levels, you are still riding on neon lights, changing colors to ride different lights. Even subtle changes like different background/ music would have been enjoyable. As far as difficulty goes, it was decently easy, while a few, more difficult ones were scrambled in there, making the level progression very strange. You completed a hard level then faced with 3 easy ones. This game is a one time through, meaning after one time of play, it's already a distant memory. Several features could have been added to make the game more memorable. Something like a Scoreboard to motivate people to play more, longer/ more levels to make this last longer, and maybe more power-ups (such as speed up, or i dont know, anything).

Pros: easy to use controls, pretty original idea
Cons: Slow paced (level selection every level), easy levels, dull after a bit, very short levels, small list of levels to pick from, no scoreboard.



Fun racing game.

I enjoyed this game, I had a bit of problem with one of the levels "The Cave", I kept getting stuck halfway up the mountain. Managed to complete it after a while, but that one level didn't really seem well made.

The main thing I didn't like about the game was the length of the levels, way too short.
Also, I wasn't a fan of how little the different colours were used. The level "DownHill" could have been much more exciting with different colours everywhere instead of just blue.

I did play Neon Rider World before this one, which was a bit of a mistake. Neon Rider World takes what this game does good and makes it even better.