Reviews for "Neon Rider"

Well done

Cool game, interesting concept with the colored tracks, well presented!

Here are my complaints though
1) Having to grab the mouse to go to the next level through the level selection screen instead simply having like press enter to go to the next level.
2) the difficulty progression is tediously slow and boring, the whole first column of levels offered no challenge at all.
3) The music restarting again in each level was annoying, hearing the beginning of the same song every 10 seconds
4) And my biggest problem, loading the level "Invaders" crashes my browser 100% of the time so I can't play any further level. I won't take any points for that, it's possibly just me. but maybe you wanna check that on different browsers. I'm on IE 7

very nice...!

its a cool game guys, all that thing of changing colors is wsome

Much better than the Armor Games version

This version of Neon Rider the controls seem to be less twitchy then the version I first played at armor games.

I like the concept of the game and with maybe a editor and some different music choices this can be made better.

Nice, but...

Pretty entertaining game, but I do find some faults with it:
1. The music. There is only one track, and every time you complete a level and go back to the menu, it stops abruptly, breaking the flow.
2. You have to back to the menu after every level, simply putting a 'next level' button would have made the experience much better.
3. In the level 'The Right Path', it is possible to get stuck in a dead end. You can't run yourself against the wall more to deplete your health and try again, and you can't back up, since, well, you're stuck.
4. The stunts may be a little pleasing to the eye, but they didn't really give much of an advantage. The reward they yield could have been a little bit bigger.

These tidbits aside, it's a cool game.


Well made game! A bit of a throwback to that dirt bike flash game that was out several years ago. Ah the memories!