Reviews for "Neon Rider"


I really like the art, music and gameplay, but there could be a lot more in this game that would make it perfect.
First, I hope you can give higher time bonuses for the things you pick up and the tricks you make. For two backwards flips, you get 0.02 seconds of time extra! That's nothing compared to the final time. I can better slow down a bit before a jump so I can continue to ride quicker than to make 5 tricks in a jump to get 0.05 seconds time extra.
Secondly, a level editor would be really great. 20 levels that can be cleared in less than 6 minutes isn't much. If you include a level editor, a lot of people can get really addicted to this game, and play it for more than six minutes.
Thirdly, I'd like to have my total time on the screen when I complete all 20 levels. You can also include ''staff times'' to see where I can get a few seconds off my time and where I've done really well. Because now I don't know if I did well or not. I hope you can change these things.

good, but incomplete

loved the concept and the art style, but the game needed more work, or a level editor.

Louissi responds:

A level editor is on the way


This game is tons of fun just wish it was harder. It was a little easy the only one I found hard was the last level. Also it should have had more level's. But for the most part fun game and nice concept.

pretty fun

but the levels could be better the only hard one is the last one they need to be harder

It's like a hippo leans on your bike...

Well, this is just one of those games where you have to admit... the only problem is that you can't get the fricken thing to behave it's physics engine for a minute. I rate well on the fun I had and the apparent hard work and flashy lights. Good idea, Good game, Good levels, bad top heavy material. Although I guess you could say that the frustrating weight distribution is your ultimate enemy that you must conquer to beat the game.