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Reviews for "KOF vs DBZ"


On your daily 4th, you deserved it.

Impressive Style and Fluid Animation

I must admit, that I'm not a fan of either series, but that aside this animation was very good. 8-bit really brings back memories of old-school and classic gaming back in the day.

What I'm really surprised is at how smooth and fluid the animation was all together. There were a few points where I found myself thinking that it was a straight-up drawn animation. Everything simply fit so perfectly. The only complaint is that its a cliff-hanger. Either way, I look forward to the next piece.

I love it

I dont care who gives u a crappy score I Love it plus KOF is my fav game and DBZ is my fav Anime I say It kick ass awesome work bro!

Oh the controversy!!

Alright I do agree that this doesn't make sense because Goku's power level is OVER 9000!!!! But you don't really give a shit do ya? lol that's fine I don't either... but just don't expect people not to bitch about it.

But the ONE thing I CAN'T STAND. The three most evil words in the history of forever. "To Be Continued". That's a horrible way to end a movie. You should just ended it with those four characters somehow. And since it's obvious you don't care too much about the facts I'm sure you could have easily come up with an ending.

But oh well... as long as you decided to make it t.b.c at least make sure to make a conclusion.

You're forgetting the details!

Why didn't Goku and Vegeta didn't fuse correctly?
Why didn't Vegeto didn't slice through his enemy with his flash sword?
How did Vegeta survive after getting hit by his own big-bang attack?
It looked like dirt got in Goku's eyes when lifting that tree, which should have made him unable to continue fighting.
Goku wouldn't start a fight like that. Cuz he's like the most kind person there is.
Kyo and Iori would never fight together cuz Iori hates Kyo to the core.
Vegeto couldn't split back into Goku and Vegeta cuz they were supposed to be fused permanently.

Oh... and just because I know you haven't heard it already. Goku would have won instantly!