Reviews for "Lucky Day Forever-trailer"


I enjoyed watching this. It feels like a familiar story though, like there is going to be some person that sees the truth behind this and attempts to break the cycle and uncover a plot, to me it seems to easy to just give people a lucky day forever. Maybe I am expecting to much or trying to think this is going to end up somewhere in a cliche fashion. Nevertheless I am very excited to see this final production.

Good job mate

Well, it has a meaning, of course, and I understood something about it... but I guess the feeling is different for everyone that watches it... it's about people hope, the life strugle in a town full of temptations, advertising and other people living better than you and a single distant hope of win the lottery and change your life. The trailler looks great, Please give me a call (or a PM hehehe) when the full movie is on!


cannot wait for the final product. this looks like it will become an entire series of works...like, maybe each episode based o nthe lives of different characters. but im sure you already haev ideas.

either way, i love this style, the music choice fits perfectly, and i just....wow, cant wait.


i really, rly, this this si gonna turn out to something awsome....


i cant wait to see the full movie