Reviews for "Lucky Day Forever-trailer"

Well, let's just say, I'M WATCHIN' THIS FILM.

Wow, I'm pretty stunned, man! Very masterful trailer for somethin' that looks like it has MASTERPIECE written all over it.

Graphic and art wise, very pro! The movement is very well pulled off with some sick motion tweens and frame-by-frame effects, and some good lookin' and interesting characters to top it off. Art wise, it's just great! Really nice worked out backgrounds that give a sort of rugged and very much future-esque feel, and I love it!

Plot wise, I'm on the edge of my seat! The idea (from what I can interpret) that winning this lottery or contest or whatever will win you happiness, whatever the costs it takes to do such, is perfect! And I like the idea that they use lust to get the attention of others (which is very Vegas iike way of thinking), and it's pulled off well enough to get a very real sense of being in this world.

Overall, this trailer is stunning, and once the film is put together, believe me, I'm going to be ON IT. And yes, I say film, it doesn't really seem to be a, "short." It's too pro, for Newgrounds and in general!
5 outta' 5 and 10 outta' 10!

3 words

sexy,dramatic,wierd. why they dont just start war then they wouldnt have to care abaut real problems.....

i say...

i mean.. i say guo.. everthing in this aniamtion is awesome.

fantastic this truly deservers a 10

im seroius this vwas strange confusing but jaw dropping do stuff like this alot more this was AMAZING

Bounsy boobs!

I like those sexy boobs...