Reviews for "Lucky Day Forever-trailer"

so, lets see here

According to this luck is money, tits, and having a segway unicycle shoved up your ass, this is so stupidly insane, it may just be the greatest flash animation of all time

humm... good

4/10 for the history.

Wow... Just.... Wow....

I cannot begin to describe how overwhelmingly powerful this looks. I felt a sense of awe and emotion when I watched this. I didn't know weather to smile or cry, this looks to be the greatest Flash cartoon ever posted. On any website. At any time. Ever.

Good look my friend. Well done.

I can't wait...

I have been a fan of your work for years ("Smile" and "Polsupah" are probably my favorite ones). Your work is some of my first favorites on newgrounds. I can't wait till you finally release this and am glad you are continuing animation on newgrounds. With all the trouble with "Aura" and you disappearance for so long, I thought you left. I was pleased to see this trailer in march and can't wait till its finished. You work and art is compelling and you are truly an profound artist. I'm so impatient and anxious to see how this one turns out.... (#^_^#)


i cannot wait for the full thing u have been my favorite flash artists since i saw hanged mans elegy way back in 2006. the art is truly beautiful keep up the good work