Reviews for "Lucky Day Forever-trailer"

i like it

very fitting music for the type of animation it is. I like how it is very abstract and you dont know exactly what it means by the preview. Its refreshing to see something more abstract.

Great job on the preview!

Piekna bajka, bracie!

I can't wait to see how this turns out, bro. Duzo sciescia i dziekuje za peikna prace!
Peace! (BTW - for those that can't tell, that gibberish is Polish, which Alex is)


i didn't get it but the animation was kinda cool !

that was amazing...can wait to see more....

i really love the detailed backgrounds!!.....im def lookin for to this!!

very cool

always love your animations. This is looking really nice. I like the quality of having art from flash and hand drawn. this concept of a futuristic lottery is reminding me of "the island", this may have been mentioned, i dont have time to go through the reviews. So i guess im just saying that although this does look quite unique and original, i hope its not tooooo similar to "the island". good luck with the production!