Reviews for "Lucky Day Forever-trailer"




1: an excellent concept of millions competing in a lottery offering to get you a better life.

2: when the hell is the full thing coming out!



Graphics were excellent however pixelated
there was not sound effects besides music
and not really a story since its a trailer so you get a 9

Greatness in the making

This right here scares me. A society based on winning a lottery in which millions if not hundreds of millions are participating in to better their lives. Pretty awesome trailer. If this was made into a feature film I believe it would do well.


For the first time in what may be years I've come to visit this site, having had a pang of nostalgia. I'm happy to see this site is still alive and doing very well for itself.

I returned to watch a flash submission by this same artist, entitled "Smile" which has had an enduring effect on my memory since I first watched it years ago. It moved me deeply.

This short piece of animation has also moved me as deeply as many much longer ones. I can't imagine what the full piece will be like. I've watched this at least once a day, because I am so enthralled by its eloquent artistry, its haunting score, and its subtle animation style.

I have faith that one day the full piece will be submitted. Keep up the good work, man. :)