Reviews for "Lucky Day Forever-trailer"


i cant wait to see the full movie

Works amazingly well on its own

Can't imagine what 15 minutes of this will be like!

Looking forward to the full release!


I really like your work. Makes me think. This one is no exception.

Extremely well animated here, too.

I look forward to this short film.

Well isn't this just original

I absolutely loved it!
The whole feel of it, made me feel like watching Surrogate all over again!
I simply cannot wait until I see your film!
I bet this whole thing will be nothing compared to it!
I hope I get to see it soon!

Blew me away!

I can't wait! The detail is phenomenal, it runs extremely smoothly and the story seems captivating! I love the anti utopian feel of it. It reminds me of George Orwell.