Reviews for "Dead Frontier: Outbreak 2"

Great interpretation

but theres just somethings that didnt make sense. u did good to make it very on edge though =) and the voice acting/music/sound effects kicked ass! AWESOME GAME


this games is awsome. well for an idea of the third game how bout the coumpound runs out of food and the zombies are swarming the place and the persom has to somehow for a battle group fit the zombies off find food and then finds a military outpost with military personel

Freakin Epic

First one was good and this one takes it to a whole new level with a longer game overall and requires alittle more forward thinking then the last one...hope to see a 3rd one!

Great job

simply fun


same here its not really that hard honestly... most zombie quizes are fun and a bit hard but i liked the old one better