Reviews for "Dead Frontier: Outbreak 2"

great game but...

The part where you try and fix the car. Well just for kicks i tried to fix it my 2nd time through Its said that my windpipe was ripped out and i thought i was dead but it let me to end of the game and told me that i saved everyone including my wife and i survived as well. Funny i was picture myself with a missing windpipe having dinner and joking with the family like nothing was wrong. lol.

can't wait for the next one

tactics: A
compassion: A+

Official game

What about the official game? I played it til at lvl 15 my aggro made it unbearable. At spawn there started ebing about 3-10 zombies when I was alone. Has any of this been changed?

Great Job!

But, correct me if I'm wrong. Didn't his wife get bitten in the last episode? I think cholera should be the least of her worries. LoL


tactics A
compasion A+