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Reviews for "Madness 7 Scene Creator"

OMG DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 YUS THANX U DAD FOR ENLIGH- wait, what? I'm thanking dad for r@ping me >:C

Love it!!! And please add ammo and moar guns. Thanks!:D And also,up the good work,your a boss!!!!!!:)

easter egg:dad fan.

In Klaura, 1:29 PM, Junra and Klaatus killed the Mag agent and Mundek. And his minions, after Klaatus said as:I cant get hold of this, i cant.
He decided to go to Nevada city, where a hero came. Junra came too and.. Where are they going to for Nevada? Find out in the next episode of:The Klaura/Nevada.

Tonight,Jesus and an old friend of him are invading a building where some satanist cults happen.
They are fighting 3 guards: 2 in the entrance and 1 in the rooftop.Will they get to the leader of the cult?