Reviews for "monstro"

great job

loved it and predicted the ending since they escaped from him XD don't pay attention to assholes who make stupid comments be glad your flash is funny and that so many people think so too (i mean it is in todays top 5 isn't it XD)

ilike it :D

it was a moral story. but ending was totally uncalled for xDD
well maybe looks are not deceiving after all. the acts are wats rle deceiving.


It reminded me of Pacman (:v


thats cute!!
i loved it

peixeaquatico responds:


...i think hes cute.

i think its a very good movie, despite its the horrible truth, but hey how else will you learn! =B. also, shapeshifters? look i don"t think you have to explain to people what the movies about or try to get people to stop reviewing in other languges, bcuz 1st of all WE"RE NOT STUPID I THINK WE GET WHAT THE MOVIES ABOUT! and 2nd of all, I think people know what the word "monstro" means just by looking at the movie, but if people wanna review in different languages then let it go, they're allowed to write in any kind of language, so the next time you go saying that (or writing that)remember this... people shoot guys like you, so...fuck you =B