Reviews for "Enter Dementia"

Sounds wicked dude! Love the tone and mix. Getting better mang! Keep it up!



Ritz190 responds:

Thanks, sexy!

yea I can hear the progress. :D

<3 <3 <3

reminds me a bit of the doom3 main theme o-o

Ritz190 responds:

hell yea! gonna go shoot some stuff.

Love the sound and energy!
Although my stuff isn't as heavy as this I can appreciate a well structured piece of metal.
I hope to get my skills with Cubase and my Zoom R8 closer to this quality.
Keep bringin the heavy! I like it too!

Ritz190 responds:

It's cool, dude. my stuff is normally not this heavy as well. practice makes perfect. do not give up and keep at it. thank you for the review! glad you like the music! :)

great stuff man! Good sound quality to make it even more intense! I love the tone of the drums as well. Very in your face.

Ritz190 responds:

The final mix of this track is gonna be of better quality. Thanks alot. I'm really proud of how it turned out.

some really great riffs here! and i love the tone you have going on
is there some vocals in this track at about a minute in, im not sure if im hearing things or not
very low in the mix if it is, i hope its not some kind of subliminal message haha
i fucking love that djent thing you have going on at about two minutes in
the melodic parts weren't to my taste but thats just my opinion, i like my metal to be virtually tuneless haha but thats just personal preference i never have been a big fan of melodic metal but i can appreciate that they were well executed
as of like two reviews ago iv decided im going to always try and find one thing that can be improved
just to be constructive so here it goes, i think your transitions into the ambient parts of the song were a bit stop and start it sounded like it had skipped track halfway through the song
anyway overall this is a great song! you get a five and a five from me :)