Reviews for "We Hate Modern Warfare 2"


This does sum up Modern Warfare 2 pretty well.

I'm glad you made a reference to the GRENAAAAADEEEEEEEEEEE thing. So annoying...

10/10, will watch again :)


MoozipanCheese responds:

Thanks. :)


i miss MW1 ='[


I like Mw2.. but that was epically accurate

Nice! xD


oh come on deathmental u know alot of it is true. i am amazed he didn't say anything about noob tubes. he says in the window before u start that he is not saying he hates it or making fun of it. its all for good fun man. i play COD6 all the time. but having a laugh at things is always good. even if u like them or not.
this flash is one of my more favorite ones. especially at the end. rage quiting

MoozipanCheese responds:

Rage quitting: we've all done it. Probably.

Best one in the seris

Funny as hell, you really make some good points out of modern warfare 2.