Reviews for "Hippolyta"

how.......how is this game still getting comments........gotta love newground community

Most of times you end being killed by a branch or a log in the floor because they fit so perfectly in the background that you cant make the difference that fast.
I dont know how the story mode works, how do you get to the next level, you gotta survive X time to get to the next level? or just go through all the map, because ive been running for a long time and always keep dying, i guess, on the end of the level.

Very good game.

The music, story-telling and atmosphere are brilliant, rarely does it sound or look repetitive. The difficulty is immense, especially from level 4 and 5.

I only have two small criticisms:
The game sometimes throws up too many reactions at once, making it impossible to dodge the obstacles.
There isn't a sequel or one like it.

if u look away after playing this game for a while, stuff will look like theyre dissolving/moving to side a little...

If you play this game in a really slow computer, the game turns into a endurance game, instead of a reflex game.