Reviews for "Hippolyta"

First the good stuff.

The art and voice acting are amazing! The character is really well made and appealing. The story is very well integrated and the narrator is doing a great job. The death animations are wonderful! The gameplay up until the last level is challenging, but it gives the sense of achievement when you manage to beat the level.

Which leads us to the bad part. I doubt that you guys really tested your game. Yes, I understand that the game is supposed to be very hard and I really enjoy that. It's a very brave move to create something that is not orientated towards the 14 years old CoD, wanna-be, casual fan base. But here is the problem - your game is broken. You can dodge rider attacks, but you CAN NOT outrun a rider (and I know you intended for that to be possible, since there is an achievement to outrun 10 of them), which renders the game impossible to beat and destroys the excellent feeling that it was giving. It's truly disappointing to spend hours to reach the last level and than realize that it's just unbeatable!

On a smaller note - the vanity armor actually makes the character look not as good, which is an odd thing.

Amazing game, couldnt help myself from addict 2 it. Only problem is I cant get into the pursuit mode even I had paid for it.

AMAZING GAME!!!!!! the best game i have played for now

This game is way too fun.Its addicting,well made,and the narration makes it even better 5/5.

awesome game.. love the narration..just like prince of persia the sands of time! XD man if you could take this story/concept and make a game like the prince of persia or assassin's creed type of game-play, that would be so cool. I could already vision that man, Hippolyta trying to escape with all the stealth moves and stuff like that. you know what i mean. ahh probably just my fantasy, but who knows. :D cheers on this great game!