Reviews for "Save Blizzard"


I feel this sob story should be anywhere apart from here. And how can you even trust this... Could be some guy trying to scam money. "ooo a puppy is hurt, i'll donate £20! it must be real because he's gone to the effort to make a "game" and a website about it!" He's sitting at home eating a KFC, playing on his new Xbox game thanks to gullible people like you guys... don't get me wrong, i hope this is genuine and a puppy doesn't get his leg chopped off... but be careful people!

Not a game!

I'm not heartless, I just don't want to try and play a game thats not a game. There r better ways to address ur problem than to trick people into it. Wish there was a remove this and give a real game (even if its crap) this slot.

I'll give you a 5..

..But nothing more. No matter who you are, unless you are the owner of the site, this isn't the place for a charity. 5 for a decent story though.


iam really sory but i dont have the money right now if i did id give you 500.000 dollars witch would be 326.000 in usd dollars

My condolences

I do have to agree with Hurdlera, this isnt the place for ad's asking for money for your dog, I am sympathetic and did donate 20 bucks, but this is a game portal, not a "Please help me pay for..." site. Again, my symathy for the dog, hope everything turns out well for you, and pat Blizzard on the head for me a couple times would ya?