Reviews for "Save Blizzard"


hey im sorry about ur dog. hey i wish i could donate so im gonna start telling kids about it at school. maybe they can help. good luck and i hope blizzard gets his sugrery.


I didnt understand the whole donate thing i noticed in the other reviews but now i do, its sad to think thats a real story well maybe not from the dogs prespective but that he's hurt. I wish I had the money to donate but im pretty much pennyless and unemployed. Still great flash i'd do the same if my dog was hurt and i didnt have money to pay for it

The last pic of the real dog got me. :o

I went to donate and your bandwitch limit was reached, nooooooo!


Mabye you should put an ad up on the ASPCA website or something, cause i just hate to see a dog in misery. :(

Not a game, but still, good luck

I agree with everyone that it is not a game, and so doesn't belong on the website, but I do hope that you make enough money. I'll try spreading the word for you =) Maybe I can hold a fundraser in my area. I'll look into it. Good luck!