Reviews for "Save Blizzard"


"""Please read the entire review to understand. there is a good side and a bad side."""i think this is just a lie so he can get cheap money. there are some dumb ass people out there that are to lazy to get there fat asses up and work so they do this. but i voted 5 because this might be true at the same time! you never know


Audio was TERRIBLE beyond belief

Really sad

Thats so saadd ooh poor dog i hope it will cure fast i cant give any money cause iam in th philipines so i have nodollar but i can pray to lord so i can help your poor doggy T_T okay no one will gonna be mad or else ill kill that person.


oh god i promised myself i wasn't going to cry

i felt something inside...

i am deeply touched by the story of your puppy, it's a sad thing, something similar happened to the dog of one of my friends; his golden retriever got it by a car...twice...in the same day!. the poor thing didn't get hurt to much but got really mentally scarred. he is a bit affraid of moving cars now but im disgressing. i'm really happy to have read that your puppy got healed up now. im so happy for you, your dog and proud of those who contributed. I would have contributed, but since im only 17, jobless and still a school and no paypal or bank account, i couldn't do much. I wish you luck and happiness to you and your puppy.