Reviews for "Save Blizzard"

a few cents

i had 100 dollars but i spent on a friken new game so 17 cents


i thought this was a scam, but...eddsworld, harry partridge, yotam perel, luis castanon, armor games and newgrounds all chipped in on this. so that was pretty nice.

sorry dude

i know this sucks that happen to wone of my dogs he eated poop and junk and he died although we told hi dont go out we even loked him give him food and lots of things bot he didnt listen so ill ty to donate maybe okay . and fuck u
PsycadelicKid did you read dont act like an assholePsycadelicKid

This really isn't worth it.

My dog died because he couldn't eat or drink without puking it back up. Did people donate? No. Did people care? No. But poor 11-Month Old Puppy breaks it's wrist, and it is treated like royalty. The same thing happened to me, so just learn to LIVE WITH IT!


OMG!!! Thats so sad!!!
I will try to spread the word!!!

P.S.Zethariel you can go die in a hole for calling this horrible!!!>:(