Reviews for "Save Blizzard"

poor puppeh :[

im sorry to hear about that but holy crap i looked at the site that you donate to and you already reached that goal! in less than a day! thats pretty amazing your loved man :P


i read in your comment youd reached your goal blizzard is saved and i would still donate but i blew it all on a xbox :{

Awwww PUPPY!

must... pet... puppy... head... going to... EXPLODE!

I wish I could help you out in your plight, but I'm flat out broke mang! I'll pray you get the money you need!

holy c**p that's heartwarming

i'd love to donate since my parents raised me while fostering injured animals, but I just can't spare any money (stupid sister spending all my friggin money)

SamGreen responds:

It's okay I've reached the goal anyway! Thanks to everyone out there that helped!

You wouldn't say that

You wouldn't say that if it was your dog you would donation's and all you is money for your self