Reviews for "Save Blizzard"


I came here thinking I was playing a game and, being a dog owner myself, almost ended up crying. I'm currently unemployed but I donated the last 7 dollars in my bank account. I hope it helps!!

So Happy For you!

Thank God for dogs, and thank God for good people who donate to help them. You reached your goal before I ever saw this. Congrats, sir. All prayers to you that the surgery goes well.

Hell yeah!

RIght on CJRascal, heatfire0 needs to get a damn clue, quit being a dick, and keep shitty comments like that to himself. Send some support to Blizzard!
I haven't the money to help out blizzard ( he looks so adorable! ) but I am spreading the word to people I know across the web

heatfire0 is a dick

heatfire0 is perfetic, i have a dog my self and i have come to realize that i love my dog as i would love any member of my family and i would be as sad if my dog died than if my brother died. heartfire0s comment was very inappropriate no one wants to hear that shit man get a life.


Aw poor blizzard... i wish i had the money to help. :(