Reviews for "Save Blizzard"


bro, you've done it, we've done it, you've got 4k, so enough for the operation, im glad to see that not everyone on the interwebz is part of the internet hate machine :)


I just went and checked the site, looks like they just made it past the 4k mark!
I'm gonna go ahead and donate some money anyway >_>

No sorry I won't save your dog

First of all a Siberian Husky shouldn't live in Australia, everytime I see one here dieing of heat stroke in someone backyard, I think "Wouldn't they be better in I dunno... Siberia?", my dog had a problem like this and after the operation it never grew right anyway and he's still gimped. I dunno why everything with a button is called a "game" on this site but I gave you a two cause it just seems like your using newgrounds to pay for neglecting your dog by giving us a 15 page sob story which took an hour to make.

Sad story

It's too bad your dog got hurt, but it sounds like your vet is ripping you off. Maybe while you're raising the money, get a second opinion?

You should sue...

It sounds like the doctor should be the one at fault... it's his responsibility to make sure that the cast was properly put on, and that the arm is healing in the proper direction.

I'd say get a lawyer and take that vet out!