Reviews for "Save Blizzard"

man this moved me when I first read it

hey is your dog okay?


Nearly shed a tear! I'm a furry, so it kills me when a dog is hurt, 'specially pups, mate. Such a cute dog! One thing though, don't let your parents put your dog to sleep and not tell you about it 'till you get home expecting to see her. I went through that 3 years ago, and I'm still furious with them. I already lost one before to a damned train because my ass of a father didn't put a leash on her. All I have left is my little 3 year old Terrier... It's heartbreaking...


If I could donate I honestly would, I hope Blizzard gets every treatment possible. I love Husky's. They're beautiful, I hope you reach your goal.

Poor Blizzard.

I hope he gets well soon!


Poor doggy :( anyway, quite creative, the way you turned it into a storybook! i like it!!! :(