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Reviews for "Reiko - The Wishbone"


OMG i've been following ur site and i can't believe u finnally put shirabe and shinobu in one of ur animations! great job! i love shinobu's and shirabe's voice :3

nice drawings.. buts that pretty much it for me

Art: Pretty style, like someone said below, manga like but more raw,
animation: the animation just wasnt all that, mouth style the same, alot of frame by frame face changes, and rest was pretty static.
Voice: Actors werent good imo. voices should have more character in em.
sound: background sound = good, fits well with the "joke".
Joke: Since u put it in the comedy section, i rate a 2/5 on the joke. when the first one pulls her arm up, its allrdy clear its someones leg. (yes i can theyre horns, so they supposed to be evil). Maybe it couldve been funny if the voices were better.

anyway, animation 6/10
Sound: 8/10
voice: 4/10
joke: 4/10
art: 8/10
Overall: 6 (rated as a comedy movie)

Eye for detail

An eye for detail, i love all the detail you have here like all the colors from hair to little trinkets and such, i do however wish that this was longer then what it was, the file size was actually small so gives you room to work with that abit more, also i would have loved to see this in more "SCENES" then just the one.

How to improve on this???
I explained a few details above that can really make your flash more entertaining for all



lol the girl that won reminds me of my friend XD ah wishbones...such memories :)


poor little fella, but I liked this little flash ^^