Reviews for "Loondon"


the only place i feel it came up short was the interactivity and puzzles. otherwise a very well done piece i will recommend highly!

This is what one may call PERFECT!

My god. The story, the music, the art, the atmosphere. This game has it all, and far, far more. The graphics are amazing, the surroundings are stunning, and if you pay attention you see so many things happening away from you. The music just pulls you right in, and the story... well I can just say that I never played a short game like this and that it pulled me right in. The story's touching, pretty original and so true! It's always hard to be different, and it's especially hard to be good, honest. From now on this will be a perfect game for me, and I'll review other ones using this as a role model, at least until I find a better game, which will be hard, if not impossible. Keep up the good work! ;)

Just too beautiful

I...must say iam impressed, by the music, the story and all the other detail i have seen, but most of all the graphics and the arts (the look). This is still a little tragic but, well it show how things realy are to people even tough they doesn't want to see it, it is sad but marvelous too.


This game is wonderful! The design and the sound reminds me Professor Layton... It would be perfect if it was more interactive: all the actions are clearly suggested...
Graphics: 10/10
Sound: 10/10
Story: 11/10


This is a beautiful story... It is a sad but true description of how people who were considered "Different" were treated. I really hope that the sequel is made as soon as possible.