Reviews for "Loondon"

The man from the gate shall wait for the man Jonah had saved to be safe. The man of the machinery mourned his friend yet knew his time in that accursed place had come to an end. Both men one day returned to the gate and their eyes met and with no word spoken smiled remembering Jonah. The man from the gate gave the man an apple as he passed saying it was a gift from a friend. The man of the machinery passed a soft spot of earth with a small wooden marker bearing the name of Jonah, tears were shed upon the patch of dirt and he placed the apple upon the ground saying "Thank you my friend..." the man of the machinery left and never returned. The man from the gate entered the town, now that the man of the machinery was safe it was time to teach the walking pieces of flesh filled with rotten and festering souls the lesson they deserved. A great plague swept though Loondon making the flesh of its denizens mirror their rotted souls. The city was no more, the lesson was taught though few would learn from it. Decades pass and the city grew again becoming a cesspool of humans that did not deserve the air they breathed. The man from the gate returned to the city once more but stopped at a great tree, an apple tree, the branches were warped and knotted with fruit that grew deformed yet were so large and bountiful yet so close to the ground so any could reach it. He took an apple and took a bite, the fruit was so juicy and sweet, he simply stood in awe as tears came to his eyes, he smiled and said "Jonah, even in after dying in such an unjust manner you remain generous and kind, your body nourished this tree into being so sturdy, and your very soul so innocent and pure influencing the fruit of the tree to grow so low and be so delightful...yet no one seems to pick any of them. They do not deserve fruit from your tree but out of kindness you go out of your way to offer it to them. You were far more beautiful then any of those in the city my dear friend. I hope that some shall find your fruit and learn from it, even though the outside is different than what they deem to be normal the inside is the sweetest of any other." the man from the gate then hugged the tree tight with eyes still full of tears. He then turned and went to the new city that stood in the place that once was Loondon, and walked within feeling such pity for those who inhabited it for they never touched the fruit of Jonah's tree and did not learn from the mistakes of its predecessor and the lesson it was once taught. He hoped the lesson would be learned this time, yet he knew that only a few would learn and the rest would only repeat the failures of the past. The man from the gate sighed and began the lesson once more.


This was a lovely story told through clicking. The detail in the backgrounds was absolutely stunning. I took a while on each scene just to soak it in and read all the shop titles once Jonah made it to Loondon.

Here's the critique: At some points the conversation balloons/arrows were hard to see amid the Loondon fog, and I found the part with the werewolf a bit confusing and not really relevant to the storyline. The moral also seemed a bit forced to me. I found the gameplay rather simplistic, not much problem solving to do. I think because I was expecting more of a game I was a little dissatisfied overall, as it feels like we have no choice in helping Jonah and simply have to watch him die for Loondon's sins.

Marvelous atmosphere and animation though.

wow just wow

loved the art work but hate the ending

Poor Jonah - just shows civilisation is so quick to judge.
Beautiful art work, and everything else that began, and followed.