Reviews for "Loondon"

Is this a game or an animated story? I mean, as a story, it had a lot of visual impact and drew you in, but as a game this was sorely lacking. Everything you need to do is spelled out for you which means you're not so much a player as an audience member.

I won't say I didn't appreciate the effort you guys put into the game, but if there's not really much for me to do I can barely label this a game.

A beautiful story with beautiful artwork to match. The poetry matched wondrously and the story line moved me dearly. My only complaint is the length which left me unfulfilled.

Aww, fuck! Weeping Angel! XD

Love it!It has a nice and sad story,amazing art work and a little creepy.But i love it!

amazingly beautiful....a wonderful idea and a fresh twist to a point and click game. BEAUTIFUL!