Reviews for "Loondon"


The Dark art and grim story is well done, the only problem (but fixable) is that the music loop is a little bit too noticable. Other than that, its great! Hope to see more.

8 for being short...

But, it's great! Any plans on a longer game/animation?

flipntale responds:

not for a while. we're developing a different genre as of now :)

Ohhh, Yes :]

I just adore this game. I love the controls and the music, and the characters. Very good game. I hope your lack of author comments doesn't mean it's stolen.
If it isn't, this is a new favorite flash for me.
Great game, it induces a great atmosphere.



flipntale responds:

don't worry! we're the original developers of this game, you'll only see games from flip-n-tale studio from this account. Thanks for your review! :D