Reviews for "Loondon"

Short. Sweet.

A beautifully rendered game, perhaps the single most artistic in all of Newgrounds except perhaps Gretel and Hansel. My first thought upon completion was (strangely enough) Bioshock: I shall tell you why. The story and characters were spot on, in particular that of The Devil. The atmosphere and tone (dark, yet delicate) was perfect. But, in my opinion, Bioshock's gameplay was dull and rather repetitive - however the great storyline and characters really made up for that, just as they do in Loondon. My two biggest problems with the game was: firstly, the fact that you really don't do anything for yourself, there's no real challenge to it, you just click whatever lights up so there is no real challenge for the player; secondly, and perhaps the most frustrating, is the fact that you are presented with such wonderful characters that never really flourish and its a shame because every person I met throughout the game I took an interest in straight away. For example: early in the game you meet a cruel hunter who is chasing a wolfman (were-wolf). Here we are presented with two very interesting characters....Who's role in the story have almost no significance and screentime of about twenty seconds. I know it takes alot of effort to create a game - believe me I do! But really it just seems rushed. If the programmers had taken just a little longer on the game, woven a little more into the story, I think I would easily bump my rating up to 9 STARS - maybe even 10. In conclusion, Loondon is a brilliant game and really worth a try, if just for the story. If there was a sequel would I play it? Certainly. Perhaps we could even have a closer look at the characters I quickly learnt to love and quickly lost.

sad but fantastic

man this was a great game, the story was well done and sad, the art was amazing and beautiful, i didn't care about the game play but you could have put alitle more into that :P keep up the good work, its going great. 10/10 5/5

Great game design but...

The game design was great! And the details like the devil looking through the windows of the church was great! Story was good and all but....the gameplay lacked a little. It was very straightforward and would have been cool if you could click around and find little easter eggs or something. Still an interesting game to play though!


good stuff! although it was quite depressing!


fantastic art work needs different controls and some of the characters were poorly made. very interesting though and had a lot of emotions