Reviews for "Loondon"

Wonderful art

Visually this game is fantastic. I don't think the story really did it for me to be honest, plus the narrative was let down by simple errors (choosed?) that completely tainted the classical style you were going for.

Having said that, I definitely wanted to play the whole thing out. Wasn't really expecting the ending to be like it was. Definitely going to be looking out for your future games! Keep up the good work.

Awesome game

Stunning visuals, totaloly fit the game: Dark

This was

one of the best novels i ever have readen... Damn this shows us how "stupid" some of the humans are and that friendship is important...

It was awesome!

Although more like a visual novel in ways, I was greatly impressed by the art and story. It was right up my alley.

The ONLY thing that bugged me was the spelling and grammar after a while. It was like whoever wrote it got lazy. That's the only reason I'm giving it an 8. Other than that, I loved it.


Its a little creepy and depressing but other than that its awesome
the art and digtal effects are great

but this game is true

the differnt will almost always get the brunt of life's woes