Reviews for "Loondon"

A step in a new direction.

If I were to rate this as a game, it would score far lower than what I'm giving it. But to be fair and objective, I will not hold that against this piece of work.

Once again it's incredible to see such fine art make its way into the realms of interactivity. The visuals were completely mesmerising. The simple colour scheme worked splendidly around this world you tried to create. The silhouettes and shadows blended very well with the rest of the art. It's a joy to simply look at the world you have created.

While the story itself is pretty cliche, it does not really feel that way in this. The presentation did certainly override the fact that this is an old story - retold in a unique style. The music complimented very well too.

There are some weak spots in the whole ensemble. I would dare say poetry isn't your forte. It was an ambitious attempt to capture that style of storytelling, but it's not strong enough to match the art and music. It feels almost like a let down because the writing wasn't on par with the rest of the flash. Because this is more like an interactive movie rather than a game, it allows viewers to focus more on the writing because that's the whole point of it - to hear or see or read the story.

I'm not going to mention how this lacked 'gameplay' because I'm not really complaining. Delving into this created world is a pleasure in itself. But I will ask you to seriously consider using this style and art to create a real point and click adventure. It would definitely join the ranks of some of my favourites like Hansel and Gretel and Little Wheel. It has huge potential of making it as a great game engine.

Either that, or consider teaming up with some really solid writing and creating a brand new interactive story for us to enjoy.

I am thoroughly pleased at exploring your created world. I urge you to do more.


thats a sad but very well put story if this was a book i would read it but it was amazing as a video game its one of those where you feel like crying but at the same time your mad cause that explains what reality is . it bitter but you can make it nice but all he wanted washappines but what he found.... well any way good game 10/10

You should have made a movie instead

I actually think this is a shame, because it's really good but just... not for a game.
I liked it a lot, I thought it was splendid but I was quite disappointed after it ended.
It would've been more fun it it was more tough, all you had to do was click on stuff.
For a game it was much to easy, I think it would be great if you made this a movie.


I really liked this. I liked the story although it mad me rather sad... I think it's one of those story's that make you think about human nature.

But aside from the amazing graphics and story it wasn't much of a game. You just clicked the things it told you to. I think you should have made a flash movie instead... it really could have been something.

If you ask me it could have been a great puzzle game. It only had one puzzle but it was really easy. And that was the only time you really had to do anything.


It was amazing. Maybe more challenges would had been nice, but it was still amazing.
I wonder if "Machinarium" inspire this. The music, the art and even the gameplay are similar to Machinarium.
Keep the cool stuff coming. ;D