Reviews for "Robot Wants Kitty"

Beat in 13:12

the second time I played it I first got the super blaster and then I defeated the 'boss'monster.
Awesome game and no bugs found


man! it's a great game! it reminds me like those old-school games I playd when I was younger.
lovely graphics
nice, old, senseless story (what's a good thing, because a too complicated story would destroy everything)
a robot with a kitty
the tune is awesome!
and of course your sound adjuster. great idea, but it had no use to me because the song was so cool :D

I liked it because I played it


fun little game

the difficulty curve was very well thought out each upgrade was hard to get to, even the first jump upgrade (i died twice) and had instant benefits, also liked that instead of putting walls to areas you didn't want people to go you just made it imposable to get there till they got the power up making it so sometimes you wearn't even sure where to go next once you get your upgrade getting you to rexplore where you've already been and 17:09

I saved the kitty.