Reviews for "Robot Wants Kitty"

Fatastic Game

However, I found a glitch, I used the upward rocket, and hit some type of obstacle, and my last checkpoint was way across the map, and when I got there, I seemed to be invisible as there was no robot, but my camera still followed me. Also I couldn't go left.


i love kitts


I just love this serie of game !

Lazy makes review.

Since the Robot Wants series of games is coming to an end now (Four games. Not bad.), I think it's time I actually reviewed these suckers. There really isn't much TO review about, but it's a decent sort of a dungeon crawl featuring an upgradable Robot that wants a Kitty. Gameplay and controls are pretty straightforward and fun. Scoring is done by virtue of time, but honestly...I just like having fun with it. The music oof these games tend to grow on you as well, for some reason. So, it's a fun blast-'em-up to play.

That's one down. On to the next!

*Sneaks off, pressing the 5 button*


I gotta say that I 'FINISH' it in 10:12